Ninebot mini/PRO/S

I advise all users of any electric vehicle to use protection!

This firmware is based on firmware 1.6.5 and has several flavors:

Firmware version Lite Extrime Extrime + Go-Kart
Version display 7.6.4 7.6.5 7.6.5
5 divisions 23 25.5 25.5
4 divisions 22.5 24.5 24.5
3 divisions 22.5 23 23
2 divisions 20 21.5 21.5
1 divisions 16 17 17
Increased power in segway mode - + +
Power increase in go-kart mode - - +
Go-Kart new rider 8 8 10
Go-Kart normal 18 18 20
Go-Kart sport 24 24 30-32
No auto power off 10 minutes + + +
The backlight of the diodes does not go out after 1 minute + + +
Less beeping when hand-rolling + + +
Price 45$ 60$ 80$

The Extrime version is not intended for children or inexperienced riders. The firmware has a greatly increased power, due to which it can sharply raise the platform when the speed limit is exceeded, which for an inexperienced rider can end in a fall. Also, with extreme braking, the segway can lead to the side.

To install the firmware, version 1.4.0 or higher must be installed.

Open the NinetoolBeta program, click "Start scan" and wait for the phone to scan the bluetooch devices around. If the segway is in the program's field of action, you will see it in the list of found devices. To connect to a segway, click on its name.

Then press the "Get Key, Sn" button, and on the opposite to the 3rd key the copy button. The keys and the serial number required to generate the confirmation code are copied to the clipboard. Contact me in a convenient way and send this data. Within a day I will generate the firmware and unsubscribe that you can load it into the segway. After I unsubscribed about the readiness of the firmware, you need to open the program, press "Get Key, Sn" and when the keys are counted press "Flash paid FW". At the end of the download, the program will write that the firmware has been installed. Wait until the segway starts to balance and press the "ResetData" button. All settings and password will be reset to factory defaults and speed limits will be loaded from the firmware.

click on "Start Scan" and connect to the device
Then click the "Get Key, Sn" button and on the third key copy the button
The keys and serial number are copied to the clipboard, send them to me conveniently
press "Get Key, Sn" and when the keys are considered click "Flash paid FW"
Wait until the Segway starts to balance and click the "ResetData" button

Changing the firmware may lower the security of your device and no one except you is responsible for the actions taken.