Install the latest version of the program.

Z6 can reach ~ 45km/h, Z10 can reach ~ 55km/h.

To install the hack, you need to open the program, click "Start scan" and wait for the phone to scan the bluetooch devices around. If the wheel is in the program action field, then you will see it in the list of found devices. To connect to the wheel, click on its name (May take some time).

Next, click the "Get Key, Sn" button, and copy the button against the 3rd key. The keys and serial number necessary for generating a confirmation code are copied to the clipboard. Contact me in a convenient way and send this data.

Next, when I send you confirmation codes, insert the firmware code (4 characters, applies to all modified firmware) in the code confirmation field (item 1 in the 3 figure above), select the desired firmware version (item 2 in the 3 figure above), and click the button Flash FW (point 3 in figure 3 above). Wait for the process to finish and report it (point 4 in figure 3 above). Errors "invalid floating point operation", "Duplicates not allowed." we don’t pay attention, they are associated with rendering the animation. Also on the beta version, it happens that the process freezes by 1% and on "Start", if you see that the application is frozen, then restart it and repeat the firmware procedure. If this problem still persists, then flash the version 1.7 of the program (It is in the archive with the beta version, it works longer, but is less problematic).

For model Z6, the hack installation is complete. For the Z10 model, the speed limit was set to 50km/h, if you need a limit of 55km/h, then you need to change the model to Z8 (I send the code for changing models between Z8 <-> Z10 along with the firmware code).

To change the model, you need to connect to the wheel, press "Get Key, Sn" (point 1 in figure 4 above), wait until the keys and serial number are counted, select the model for which we want to change, in our case, to Z8 (point 2 in figure 4 above), enter the code I sent to the code confirmation field (item 3 in the figure 4 above) and press the "Set Model" key (item 4 in the figure 4 above).

Speed ​​limits in firmware are:

Firmware version Z6 Z8 Z10
7.6.0 45 55 50
7.6.1 20 55 60
1.0.0 35 40 45
1.0.2 35 40 45
1.0.5 35 40 45

Changing the firmware may lower the security of your device and no one except you is responsible for the actions taken.