NineTool is a program for working with firmware of Ninebot devices
Supports all Ninebot monowheels.

  • Change of models of monowheels of the C / E / P series, as well as for the latest model the ability to turn on the "Hight speed mode" setting. Change of firmware 1.3.5, 1.4.0, 1.4.3
  • Change of models of unicycle series A1 / S2, the ability to change the model to a turbo. You can also change firmware to 1.0.8, custom 7.6.0 and custom 7.6.0, working without native BMS
  • Change of models and firmwares of monowheels of the Z6 / Z8 / Z10 series. For Z6, you can install firmware with a limit of 45 km / h, on Z10, I do not recommend installing firmware above 55 km / h
  • For Ninebot Mini/Pro, it is possible to downgrade the firmware to version 1.1.7
  • For all devices, it is almost possible to read user data from the controller processor, do the initial activation of the controller, change the serial number, change the mileage.

Now - about the work of the program, how to use it, how much it costs. On C / E / P / A1 / S1 / S2, changing the model costs 2000 rubles or $ 30 payment to a bank card or PayPal.
Changing models from C / C + / E / E + to P model will allow you to raise the maximum speed limit to 25 km / h, and if the Hight speed mode setting is enabled on the P model, the maximum speed will be 30 km / h (this setting works only with the P model, the rest models ignore it)
Changing models from A1 / S1 / S2 with two batteries to the Turbo model allows you to raise the maximum speed to 26 km / h, and on firmware 7.6.0 the maximum speed will be 30 km / h (I want to make another version of the firmware with 26 km / h). A version with disabled original BMS check is also available. If you have problems with the BMS, the wheel sees the charge, but writes the "error battery # abnormal communication" - this firmware will help you. It will also help those who want to modify the battery or rebuild it completely from another BMS.
For monowheels Z6 / Z8 / Z10, the program can only be operated if no password is set on it.
Also, changing the maximum limit on all wheels affects the maximum speed during discharge, and the wheel does not cut the speed as much.
To change the model and use my service, you need to connect to the wheel and press the Get key, Sn, the progress of the procedure is displayed in the progress bar in the upper right corner. In this case, there should be no -TimeOut errors, and the fields with key1-3 and your serial number will be filled. You copy this information (button copy to against the 3rd key in the latest versions of the program) and send it to me, I generate for you a code for changing the model and a code so that you can return the model back. This code must be entered in place of the enter code text, select the desired model and press the Set model button (Before pressing set model, the keys and serial number must be read). The wheel should beep, and for the changes to take place, the wheel must be rebooted (turned off and on). To change the firmware, you need to select the firmware you are interested in and press flash fw, as when reading keys and the serial number, it is displayed in the progress bar in the upper right corner, the process is long and sometimes there are errors during the firmware. If there is an error, the program will stop the update procedure and write in which package the error occurred. It is necessary to repeat the process again by pressing flash fw again. If an error occurs immediately after re-flashing, then you need to restart the program, and sometimes restart the wheel. But when flashing the wheel is in a locked state, to unlock it - you must press the unlock key. If the firmware is successful, the wheel will be unlocked and rebooted, and the program will display a Successful firmware message.

There are 2 versions of the program in the archive, you must install the latest version (Beta), version 1.7 left for owners of S2 series wheels (In the new version, a newer firmware algorithm and the device does not always enter the firmware mode, with version 1.7 there are no such problems, but the firmware is very long).

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